Nov 11, 2015

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Freight Certificate – is it needed?

Freight certificate is a document wherein the freight forwarder is going to issue a certification that they have been paid by an individual or company to move their products or goods to another place or country. Aside from getting a receipt from freight forwarders, there should be also a certification to guaranty the transaction of moving goods. You can be at ease as well if you know that you have a certification from the freight forwarder regarding the shipment of goods or products. Freight forwarders usually are issuing freight certificate to their importers as proof of the transaction in moving goods.

The freight certificate is depending on what needs to be certified by the freight forwarder. This is a special document where they can include on the details about the payment and others that are related to the shipment of the goods. But most of the certificates that will be issued are certificates of origin, customs clearances such as quarantine clearance and sometimes the warehousing clearance. All the freight forwarders should be strict in following regulations. This is to ensure that the environments are not going to be affected by this dangerous exposure to diseases and pests. Australia is the same strict as other countries when it comes to quarantine clearance documents. It is important that your licensed customs broker should know this and will help you. Most of the licensed customs brokers are operating under freight forwarders. So you do not have to worry about importing products or goods since there are documentations included.


After the transaction or after completing all the documents, freight certificate will be issued. It can include an information that if the amount of freight is included or not, or if there is any payment needed prior to issuing the freight certificate. The freight certificate is one of the most important documents needed to avoid any concerns on the shipment of the goods or products. This came with other special documents that are needed on the shipment. Before shipment, all arrangements are done with customs to guaranty that all rules or regulations are adhered. Then if the certificate is simple certification of the freight of the goods, the custom clearance should be in detailed format before goods can be moved to their destination. Every goods that will need to be imported or exported should have right documentation for legal purposes and to avoid any concerns with other countries.

So remember when you need to import or export products or goods, especially outside the country, be sure to get documents ready. A licensed customs broker would be the best person to help out with this kind of situation wherein you are not too familiar about freight services. They are the one who is capable of dealing with all the clearances needed and what goods are prohibited. So before placing your purchase order is be sure you got all the necessary details and get the freight certificate needed for the shipment of your goods or products. Better be safe than sorry.

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