Jul 10, 2016

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Nerdy Glasses are Taking over the Trend-wagon. Don’t get left out.

Faux nerd or nerdy glasses is one fun and trendy accessory that has been around for some time From ordinary guys in the street to young and not-so-young celebrities, they are all wearing this very hot pair of glasses associated with geeks or nerds or intelligent and professional people. These thick-rimmed glasses can totally change the look and personality of a guy. But buyer beware, this faux nerd glasses trend can make you look real hot and years younger with the right choice of glasses or make you look a- trying – hard wannabe when the choice goes wrong.

This Harol Lloyd look has been seen rocked by the likes of Joe Jonas, Josh Hartnett, rapper Jay-Z, Johnny Dep, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Brad Pitt, Matthew Morrison and even by Justin Bieber. Most of these hot celebrities wear faux nerd glasses in red carpet events to complete formal red carpet attire.

But the likes of Justin Bieber have been rocking faux nerd glasses with a variety of outfits, from the very casual to the more formal. These faux nerd glasses give the wearer a serious look that is really cool. It enhances good looks and gives a guy a geek chic look.

From the black- horned glasses only associated with the nerdy types in the past, faux nerd glasses have evolved in material and style due mainly to its wide acceptance not only of the male celebrities but also of their female counterparts.

The design remains simple; oversize tortoise shell or horn-rimmed frames mostly in black but now also comes in brown or white color, with either round, aviator, cat – eye or square shape clear oversize lenses. Styles come in a Wayfarer styles, Half-frame styles, Clark Kent style and costume style. Some male celebs even wear these faux nerd glasses without lenses as a unique fashion statement.

Take a look at what to expect for summer of 2016 and take your pick:

This alternative to women’s lace is racy yet very chic and classy, a great way to cool the flesh in the heat of summer with some flesh showing. But for the unpredictable spring weather, an open weave see through mess shirt is one fantastic layering item. Wear it under a custom hoodie with slithery and sexy lining or under a chic cashmere overcoat. But netwear was not all shirts, it was used to line jackets, or jackets, shorts, sweaters, tracksuits or details of clothing items.

Cropped trousers
Continuing with last year’s trend of rolled up cuffs, designers came up with a wide range of crop pants for 2017 that is strongly evocative of the late 50s male and female fashion in America. From the runways, cropped pants were paired with jackets sans socks or for that rocker look, crop pants with socks and boots. Even suits were made with crop pants, which is not a welcome idea for the work place but perfect for play.

Leather & suede
Leather never went out of trend but it has been modified with the use of softer leather materials and done in a wide spectrum of colors from deep blue to plush cognac. The entry of suede gives spirit to the relax mood of the season.

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Aug 10, 2015

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Does the movie industry is extremely interesting?

Does the movie industry is extremely interesting?

The movie industry is extremely interesting, and especially to all those movie goers out there. If you are such a person, than you know how important the movie news are, so without any further ado, let’s start listing all the latest hot news from the movie industry.

Not many people have heard about this one, which is quite a surprice. A new movie called Comancheria is about to come out, with a killer cast. It will star Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges and Ben Forster, which is just to name a few. This movie is a story about two brothers who are planning to rob a bank in order to save their family business. But, like always, not everything goes according to plan, and a Texas Sheriff is sent after them.

1373647049000-GTY-170518769-1307121235_3_4Many were laughing at the idea of Ben Affleck playing Batman, but it appears that these people will be the laughing matter, because the rumor has it that Affleck is looking forward to another Batman movie, with a great possibility of him directing it! These are just rumors, but according to some of his projects that were being bumped back for some time, there might be some truth to them.

According to the new pictures from the set of X-Men: Apocalypse, devastation is in the air. It would appear that this movie would feature a lot of broken stuff, like entire cities and countries. It promises us huge things, and it is up to the director and the producers to deliver them, because we already know that the actors are great and that they will certainly not be the weak point of this movie.

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23 Jump Street is going to happen, but it seems as if the old directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller won’t be directing it. This directorial due is extremely busy, and it seems as if they just won’t be able to make the time to direct this film. Hopefully, the producers will find someone with a similar taste in comedy, since the audience adored the first two movies.

Some people have been wondering where the Coen brothers are, since a long time has passed since their last movie. Well, it appears that these brothers have found their next movie – and it will be based on Ross MacDonald’s work called Black Money. This is a crime novel that takes place in the 60s, and even though the Coens are only hired to write the script for this movie, the chances are great that they will take over the directing of it as well.

king-kong_04A new King Kong movie is going to come out, and it is going to be called King Kong: Skull Island. The story of the movie is pretty dark and gritty, and nothing about the movie is known. And such is the case with the leading actor; no one knows who will be starring in this movie, but the producers have three big names in their mind – Tom Hiddleston, Tom Wilkinson, and Corey Hawkins. It has previously been reported that Brie Larson is going to take over the female lead in the movie.

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