Nov 2, 2015

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What is in polished concrete that makes people love it?

Floor designs differ from one to another. Each demonstrates different architectural effects when it comes to the texture, style, design and colour. Since there are already various kinds of floorings, we should know their characteristics and what made them special among the rest. In choosing a flooring material, it is very important to consider the idea, purpose and contribution of that flooring to the said infrastructure. Each type of floorings come in different textures. There are some that are smooth, while some are rough and some that are just moderate. In this case, maintaining the beauty of the said floors can be quite challenging.

Obviously, more and more people are switching into polished concrete. Now, what is in polished concrete that made people to love this kind of flooring? Well, for us to further understand the reasons, let us first understand the characteristics that polished concrete possess.


Durable –This kind of flooring is known to be durable in the sense that it came from the family of concrete. Concretes normally are hard and durable wherein it can last for lifetime. That is why more people are switching into concrete floorings.

Good for commercial and residential purposes –Since concrete establishes durability, using it as a material for business and private spaces is a genius idea. Polished concrete flooring maintains its strength while securing the safety of the family because of its dust free features.

Versatile –Polished concretes are known to be versatile and knows how to bend in with the interior design and the space.

Now, since we already learned the characteristics of polished concretes, let us now proceed to ways on how to fix and maintain the function of this kind of flooring.

Easy cleaning –Since this type of concrete is already polished, we can therefore conclude that it is easier to clean among other kinds of flooring. Basic cleaning alone that does not even require waxing can make this kind of flooring maintains its clean appearance and durability. However, to maintain its shiny look, there are ready made polishers that can be bought in the market perfect for polishing to prevent the floor from looking dull.

Easy repairing –Flaws and cracks in polished concretes can be easily fixed most especially if these ones are just minor. All you have to do is to use the right patching remedy for the said damage. Also, you have to consider the extent of the damage. If the damage is already wide spread, you’re better off using an overlay to re-surface the area.

polished concrete

Easy to fix any discolorations – If you already noticed that there is already discolorations, better to apply dyes for concrete floors to maintain the colour and beauty of the floor.

Knowing these will let you understand why there are already lots of people who switched into polished concrete floors. Its characteristics alone is perfect enough to convince people to change and switch into this kind of flooring material. There is nothing more durable and fancy as what polished concrete floors can provide you with.Knowing its characteristics alone will surely convince you to switch, how much more if you know the benefits behind these concrete floors? It can be cleaned easily; repair is hassle free and even maintaining its proper colour gives you no stress. It is truly a best example of an economical yet elegant kind of flooring.

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