Nov 16, 2015

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How to overcome nerves in public speaking

Facing a bunch of people who are all looking at you and pays close attention to your words and actions can be a very challenging thing most especially if you are not used to it. Public speaking is not a playful thing for some, namely the shy types. A large crowd for sure is composed of a lot of critics that will interrogate and criticise your statements. However, if you are assigned to speak in front of these people, then you should do it wholeheartedly. It may be difficult at first but with constant exposure, surely you will learn how to overcome nerves in public speaking.


Speaking in public is not an experience exclusive only to politicians. The opportunity to speak in front of a large crowd or group of people is applicable to each and every citizens of the country. A quivering voice, stuttering and even shaking of hands are the obvious signs that the speaker is either new in public speaking, nervous, or just afraid to speak in a large crowd. This reaction in psychology is somehow being correlated to as a phobia. When we talk about phobia, it refers to the anxiety a person feels everytime they are faced in certain situations that may be the source of their fear. However, in this case, there are lots of ways on how to help the person be at ease in speaking in front of the public. Constant exposure and practice will somehow cure the nervousness and anxiety of the person who has the said phobia.

This kind of fear is not for a lifetime. The experience of speaking even in small groups of people will help you develop leadership and self confidence. But for some who are having a hard time in developing the attitude, skills and confidence in public speaking, the following tips will surely help you out:

Be knowledgeable about your topic –Speaking just for the sake of saying something is a big no. For you to gain the publics’ trust, you have to be knowledgeable about your topic. Know the topic by heart and not by the brain alone. This will help you gain more interest to search and learn about certain topics to impart to the audience.

Build a strategic planning ahead of time –Strategic planning includes how you organize the whole thing. Prepare the audio visuals and all other materials needed for the event ahead of time to prevent any unexpected events that might cause the delay of the program. You can also create a group huddle to also convince the audience to participate in the discussion.

Never stop practicing –As they say, practice makes perfect. It is indeed true. Even experts practice a lot to enhance further their skills, how much more those that are new to the world of public speaking?

Overcome Nerves in Public Speaking

Relax, focus and enjoy –Nothing is more fun than enjoying the discussion of the topic. Though it needs more time to practice, but soon as you mastered the art of public speaking, for sure, you will enjoy the art.

It really takes time to overcome the nerves in speaking in front of the public. You should have to practice and practice to boost your self confidence and to achieve your desired outcome. There is nothing more fun than having a give and take discussion with the crowd. Exchanging ideas and learn from each other’s point of view is very rewarding. In fact, there is nothing that you should be afraid off in facing a large crowd. Though there are some that might criticize you but still, the majority are there to learn and experience the event. So satisfy them by giving in your best shot.

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